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Chaska Boys Basketball Banquet Video

Produced by:  Ryan Paul

Additional Footage:  Taylor Hansen

Broadcast Footage:  Chaska Hawks Broadcast Network

Photos:  Andrea F. Dodds, Max Hanninen, Wendy Zins


Chaska Boys Hockey Banquet Video

Produced by:  Ryan Paul

Filmed by:  Ryan Paul, Taylor Hansen, Max Hanninen

Photos:  Taylor Hansen, Chaska Hockey Booster Club


"Live Like Legends"

Chaska Hockey Section Semifinal Overtime Victory

Produced by:  Ryan Paul

Filmed by:  Taylor Hansen


"Whatever It Takes"

Chaska Hockey Section Tournament Hype Video

Produced by:  Ryan Paul

Filmed by:  Taylor Hansen


Hockey Section Semifinal Hype Video 

Produced by:  Taylor Hansen

Filmed by:  Taylor Hansen


2017-18 Chaska Basketball Intro Video

Produced by:  Jack Pouliot

Directed by:  Ryan Paul

Filmed by: Jack Pouliot, Ryan Paul, Brady Nicholson